Versatile cordless power



Our Freedom 2-in-1 vacuums use lithium-ion power for up to 25 minutes of cordless cleaning, releasing you from the restraints of cables.

Ultra-lightweight and versatile, Freedom is effortless to use all over your home, thanks to its rotating floor nozzle, removable handheld and tools.

Set yourself free and vacuum with Freedom.

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Use as a handheld for cleaning inside your car or for upholstery, or vacuum floors throughout your home with the pole and wide nozzle attached. Whenever you need to reach upwards to clean ceilings and high surfaces, simply attach one of the tools to the end of the pole.



As well as a trigger mode for quick cleaning, Freedom has a continuous mode which enables the vacuum to run non-stop until the button is pressed again. This helps prevent your fingers from tiring and aching before you’ve finished your cleaning.


Cyclonic separation

Freedom uses cyclonic technology to separate dust from the air that is sucked into the vacuum, reducing how often you need to clean and maintain your filter.



Making life easier, the one touch easy empty bin means you don’t have to touch any of the dirt or struggle to remove the lid. This is an ideal cleaner for a busy lifestyle.


Freedom to choose

We have a choice of different Freedom models to suit your budget and your cleaning needs. The top-of-the-range Freedom Pets FD22RP comes with a selection of tools, a mini turbo rotating pets brush and a handy wall mount for storage.

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